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Use a Tornado App to keep those with special needs safe

Find safety tips
The Red Cross

A tornado can come very quickly, too fast to think about what you might need, where you might go. Planning ahead can be a life saver. Having instant information before and during severe weather is available on the Red Cross Tornado App.

Caring for someone may include medications, mobility or medical equipment, feeding devices or electricity-dependent equipment. These are things you can plan for, have ready to go, but what about a strobe light and audible alert to let others know where you are? The Tornado App can do this and give you step-by step instructions to help you know what to do even if cell towers are down. It has preloaded content you can access without an Internet connection that will give you safety tips and locations to open shelters. You can also learn myths and facts of tornado safety, such as you should stay in your car during a tornado is a fact and the safest is getting out of your car and into a ditch is a myth.

You can be ready with an emergency kit for your special needs person in case of power outage or evacuation. Detailed instructions can be found in Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and other Special Needs. Don't delay reading this and begin putting your kit together, it may take more time than you realize. The Red Cross also has App's for hurricanes, wildfires, floods and first aid.

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