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Use a Blog to share a message, start a new career or fulfill your purpose

A blog can be the key to any number of new opportunities and dreams fulfilled. At New Media Expo you can learn how to use a blog to share your message.
A blog can be the key to any number of new opportunities and dreams fulfilled. At New Media Expo you can learn how to use a blog to share your message.
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Every week I talk to at least a few people who have ideas. They are excited, and they know they want to share their messages and serve others in the process. They also want to create a new career.

These people are passionate about a topic. It could be juicing, parenting, career change, dressing for success, dating, or scrapbooking. The subject doesn’t matter. They feel it’s their purpose to put this information out into the world, but they’d also like to make some money doing so.

The best way I know to help these people manifest their dreams and fulfill their purpose—and to make a living—is to help them start blogs. It doesn’t matter if they dream of writing a book, becoming a speaker or creating a business with online courses. They might want to hold workshops in their community, be a radio show host or become a coach or consultant. A blog is the first step to achieving their goals.

At no other time am I more convinced of this then when I attend New Media Expo, a huge convention held in Las Vegas, NV, focused on helping an enormous variety of people from 50 countries and all over the U.S. for three days 3 days of educational sessions (over 140, in fact) presented by more than 175 industry leaders to figure out how to spread their messages via “new media.” Experts in blogging and podcasting, and detail involved in these activities, come together to teach attendees how to write better blog posts, market their blogs and podcasts, create better audio and video, attract more listeners and readers, find brands to help monetize their efforts, and generally succeed at realizing their dreams of putting their words out into the world.

I’ve attend NMX, formerly BlogWorld, three times. I always leave inspired and overwhelmed with new tools and information. And I’m always awed by the variety of ideas people have monetized using new media.

On the last night of the convention, which was held January 4-6, 2014, author and hypnotist Marshall Sylver, one of the NMX keynote speakers told attendees to ask themselves, “What is the highest and best use of your time?” He stressed to attendees that they should, “Stay focused on what you came here to do.”

I’d take that point beyond the conference and stress that each of us has a purpose. If you feel passionate about sharing a particular message, if something inspires you, if you’re excited about a particular idea, it’s likely what you came here in this lifetime to do. And as Sylver said, “You can do what you love to do and be compensated for it.”

The opening NMX keynote provides a great example of following your heart, being of service and getting paid for it. Lynette Young, a digital media analyst and one of the earliest bloggers and podcasters, used to own a scrapbooking store. One day three women representing three generations, all of whom had finished rounds of chemotherapy, came into the store to create scrapbooks to celebrate their healing journeys and to document their lives. Not long after that, one of the women called the store to say she’d lost her scrapbook. In response, Lynette suggested she blog about her life’s moments instead of scrapbooking about them. In this way, she explained, the woman could preserve her stories and never again worry about losing them.

That experience sparked an idea for helping others preserve their memories. In 2004, Lynette began a scrapbooking podcast. She later landed a six figure deal because of her scrapbooking podcast and desire to serve others.

If you don’t feel you can write, start a video or audio podcast. If you like to write, then actually blog—or even blog a book. (Find out more here.)

If you want to learn how to do any of these things, or wish you’d been to NMX so you could have gotten the most up-to-date information on these topics, you can still attend the conference virtually. Click here to purchase a virtual ticket.

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