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Use 30-day Soak Your Nuts vegan raw food diet to supercharge weight loss

Can a liquid diet change your life?
Can a liquid diet change your life?
Photo by Rick Kern

It's time to soak your nuts. That's the advice from Karyn Calabrese, who talked with Steve Harvey on his Monday show about how a raw vegan diet that includes soaked walnuts can supercharge your weight loss and cleanse your body.

Author of "Soak Your Nuts: Karyn's Conscious Comfort Foods," she says that by taking gradual steps, you can transition to a raw vegan diet that supercharges your weight loss and health. At the beginning, Karyn recommends eating cooked vegan foods.

Foods you'll need to eliminate include meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and eggs. However, Karyn contends that by using substitutes such as pulverized nuts, you can make meals that taste like fried chicken, lasagna and even crab cakes.

Once you're doing well eating a diet of cooked vegan foods, Karyn suggests gradually shifting to raw plant-based meals. You can even learn to create raw flaxseed crackers.

Karyn's 30-day detox diet is designed to cleanse your body and jump-start weight loss. Her Green Meal Shake is the foundation of this detox plan. It eases cravings and alkalizes your body.

In addition, Karyn recommends taking digestive supplements and powders for cleansing and detoxification. She also is the author of "Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing With Karyn: Detox Secrets for Inner Healing and Outer Beauty."

Karyn joins Joe Cross in advocating the use of raw fruits and vegetables to cleanse the body and accelerate weight loss. Joe became famous for his documentary revealing how he used a liquid diet to go from an obese man suffering many ailments to a healthy individual in "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead."

Now Joe's taken his juicing secrets and created a weight loss book: "The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet: Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Amazing." Joe says he lost 100 pounds and was able to halt all his medications with raw vegetables and fruits.

In an era where high fat low carb diet variations are proliferating, their diet plans demonstrate that one size does not fit all when it comes to what works for weight loss and for health. Joe notes that he weighed more than 300 pounds before he used the power of juicing to transform his life.

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