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USDOL Honors Program for graduating law students now accepting applications

If you're a law student that will be graduating in 2015, consider applying for the Honors Program with the US Department of Labor to gain valuable experience sure to make your resume and legal repetoire shine.
Megan March

Calling all graduating law students! Do you have a plan for employment after graduation? Were you aware there are opportunities with the United States Labor Department, in the Office of the Solicitor? Recently, information was released by the Department of Labor about the Honors Program, including the announcement that the 2015 application period has begun.

The Honors Program offers stimulating professional work opportunities for students that have graduated from law school in one of the nine regional offices or in the Washington D.C. head office. Those that are in the program are able to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge with the federal government’s largest legal department through exposure to a large variety of labor and employment laws working within such areas as civil rights, mine safety and health, occupational, and health benefits.

If you’re currently in law school, about to start your last year and will graduate in the spring or summer of 2015, and are unsure of where you might land after graduation, consider applying for this selective opportunity. It’s expected that only about ten attorneys will start in the Honors Program in the fall of 2015, so those that apply should be well-rounded and not just have a strong presence with academic achievement. Clinic or extracurricular activities, writing skills, law review or moot court experience, and a proven interest in public interest law or government service will be appraised as well.

If you’re still unsure about applying, think about this: perhaps after gaining this experience and finishing the Honors Program, you could become one of the 500-plus attorneys that make up the Office of the Solicitor’s legal team. Even if you don’t end up with a permanent position in the Office of the Solicitor, it’s likely you’ll be able to argue cases in federal courts of appeals, draft new regulations, arbitrate and help resolve union grievances. These are just a few of the real-world experiences that past program attendees have been involved with.

Although the application period just opened up on July 1, applications must be in by October 10 for consideration into the 2015 program. More information about the program, including how to apply can be found here.

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