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USDA approves non-GMO label for meats but not all other foods

Organic beef
Organic beef

In an article published by the New York Times, dated June 20, the USDA has approved a label for meats that will warn consumers that the meat is raised natural, fed non-GMO (genetically modified) foods or not. In another article, published by the Huffington Post, dated May 23, 2013 we can see that the Senate overwhelmingly votes down a national bill to label GMO foods. Why is this happening? Why can we, as a people, even with literally millions of signatures on a petition FOR the approval of the bill, not get our food labeled?

On May 25, 2013 the world marched against Monsanto, GMOs and for labeling the frankenfoods that the public is consuming daily. On October we will all march again, and again, and again. "We are not going away", is the vow of the people, "Until you label it!" According to the New York Times, "The Agriculture Department has approved a label for meat and liquid egg products that includes a claim about the absence of genetically engineered products. It is the first time that the department, which regulates meat and poultry processing, has approved a non-G.M.O. label claim, which attests that meat certified by the Non-GMO Project came from animals that never ate feed containing genetically engineered ingredients like corn, soy and alfalfa."

There are a few companies that produce non-GMO, naturally raised meat products, that came together to petition the USDA about the labeling of their products. The first time was last year, the request was shot down, this time it was approved. Why did it take two tries? According to, Mindful Meats, one of the companies that petitioned for the label, the USDA simply did not have rules to handle non-GMO meats or meat products, until now. So does this mean that the tides are turning for the American people? Just recently we heard that the USDA denied approval of Agent Orange Corn, temporarily. Have we finally seen some change in the USDA?

According to the New York Times, "Two other companies, Hidden Villa Ranch, and Pitman Farms, which produces Mary’s Chicken, also wanted to put a non-G.M.O. label on their products, so they banded together to petition the U.S.D.A." Some believe the protesting and petition signing and all, we activists do, is in vain. But since this last march against Monsanto, the stock market for Monsanto has continuously plummeted.

We see countries turning away GMO corn, wheat, and other products that the US was used to exporting. Farmers have risen up on the west coast and formed a massive coalition of angry, victims of Monsanto's out of control GMO wheat, recently discovered, and suing Monsanto for billions. Although we can see is seems the USDA is having some second thought because of the new label for non-GMO meats, it is just a small victory for the people.

It is worth mentioning that the label is actually that of the Non-GMO Project Verified program that seems to be showing up all over the market now on all sorts of products. From non GMO verified animal feeds to milk to mainstream foods, the people are successfully labeling their own food. However, we still need a national standard for labeling non GMO foods. As the people say Monsanto, "If you are so proud of your GMOs, why not label them?"


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