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Usain Bolt 100 meter and 200 meter video: Man amongst boys


Ussain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a dominate force in track.  Can he be beat?  Not any time soon.  He broke both his previous 100 and 200 meter world records by .11 seconds each.  This is a fairly significant increase when we are talking about these sprints.

Who will step up and challenge Bolt.  Tyson Gay is as close as there is, but he needs to get healthy before he takes his shot. 

Watch the videos below as Bolt blazes the compition, the track, and the clock, setting the new mark for speed.

Usain Bolt  sets new world record in 200 meter dash. 19.19 seconds

Usain Bolt sets new world record in 100 meter dash. 9.58 seconds


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