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USA women’s bobsled leads; Lolo Jones unlikely to medal at Olympics (photos)

Olympic bobsledding: USA Bobsled heats on February 18
Olympic bobsledding: USA Bobsled heats on February 18
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The first two runs in USA women’s bobsled action looked good on Tuesday. There were two USA teams that are in the top three spots after the first two heats. Team USA is holding the top position so far. The USA bobsled riding with Lauryn Williams and Elana Meyers is first and Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans are in third. According to Fansided on Tuesday, Lolo Jones is in 11th place with Jazmine Fenlator.

After watching the heats on Tuesday, most viewers will agree it will take a miracle for Lolo to medal in the bobsled competition unless her bobsled picks up speed. Her quest for the medal has been ongoing in the London Olympics and now in Sochi, but she currently is falling short. Facing tough competition it seems she just can’t quite catch a break.

Many fans are growing tired of the Lolo Jones focus, but they need to wait one more day. Once the final heat is done, Lolo Jones might get some face time and then again she might not. The disconnect that the bobsled team is facing has been seen before when Jones was on the USA track team. If her team wins gold, and it is not her bobsled, there is no doubt her spotlight will be turned off.

Lolo Jones’ fate isn’t finalized yet. There are two more heats on Wednesday and anything is possible. However it is looking pretty improbable that it will be Lolo Jones on the podium. Either way it looks like Team USA will win!