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2014 Winter Olympics

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USA wins bronze in Olympic two-man bobsled; first USA medal since 1952 (photos)

Steven Holcomb and Steven Langton win bronze in Olympic two-man bobsled.
Steven Holcomb and Steven Langton win bronze in Olympic two-man bobsled.
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

USA took home an Olympic bronze medal in the two-man bobsled competition on Monday. The feat had fans in America on their feet cheering when pilot Steven Holcomb and Steven Langton hit the podium to pick up their hardware. The emotion of the viewers was intense as this was a big milestone for USA in the competition. According to the Wisconsin Rapid Tribune on Monday, the expectations of the event were high for Team USA.

The last time America had won a medal for the two-man bobsled was the 1952 Oslo Olympics. That’s such a long time that ago that none of the current team was born before it event happened. Ever since then it has seemed like America was playing catch up and just hoping to win.

At the Sochi Olympics things changed as the BMW designed bobsleds have really infused some excitement for the team. Whether it is the design of the vehicle or the passion of the athletes, it seemed like 2014 was the year of a medal. Luckily it was Steven Holcomb in USA-1 that found his way to the finish the fastest.

The entire men’s USA bobsled team has really been strong in Sochi. Offering a team effort in everything they do, it seems like they aren't just competitors, but also good friends.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Steven Holcomb and Steven Langton taking on Olympic bobsledding. The guys definitely made the ride look easy! Go Team USA!

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