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USA vs. Russia Olympic Hockey: Did disallowed Russian goal help US win? (photos)

2014 Sochi Winter Games: USA vs. Russia Olympic Hockey win
2014 Sochi Winter Games: USA vs. Russia Olympic Hockey win
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

USA hockey fans were thrilled to see the first game with the Russian rivalries go the way of USA. The United States won in a 3-2 shootout win over the Russians on Saturday. However, there is that little detail of the disallowed Russian goal. It has Russian fans fuming in Sochi and some are questioning the decision. According to USA Today on Saturday, the goal could have been a game winning moment for the Russians.

So was the disallowed Russian goal a fair decision?

Russia had a goal disallowed late in the third period. The reasoning was the net was knocked off its moorings. The shot was from Fedor Tyutin blew past goalie Jonathan Quick. The score appeared to give Russia a 3-2 lead and there was 4:40 remaining in the third period.

Then then there was a review of the shot by the officials. It was determined that the net was bumped from the mooring before Fedor Tyutin’s shot and it didn't count.

That moment was when social media blew up and everyone weighed in on their thoughts about the disallowed Russian goal. Some Americans who are serious NHL hockey fans were scratching their heads (momentarily) on the decision, but the Olympics don’t play with all the same rules as the NHL. In America the shot would have counted. Thankfully not in Russia!

The teams were tied at 2-2 at the end of regulation so the game went into a shootout. American T.J. Oshie scored four times on six tries to ensure a U.S. victory. Rarely does a hockey game come down to one player!

Take a look at the photo slideshow of the USA vs. Russia Olympic Hockey win. Hockey fans have been celebrating since the final score was announced!

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