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2014 Winter Olympics

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USA speedskating uniform change doesn’t bring gold; Shani Davis fails to medal

Shani Davis finished 11th in Men's 1500 m speedskating
Shani Davis finished 11th in Men's 1500 m speedskating
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Shani Davis didn't medal on Saturday and he even had on the Team USA speedskating suit that was from the previous performances. Abandoning the high tech suit and returning to the uniform used at the World Cup circuit and at the U.S. Olympic trials in December, the goal was to make the USA speedskaters faster. According to the Spokesman-Review on Friday, the team changed uniforms and wanted to focus on the event. Fans watched the Saturday competitions and saw no substantial change with the old uniforms. Sadly none of America's athletes stepped on the podium.

If the high-tech suits really were of a concern, then why did Shani Davis fail to be in the top ten on the men's speedskating 1,500 meters? The athlete is known for his speed and dedication to the sport and he placed 11th. Shani Davis has dominated in previous competitions and he always seemed to be a strong force for Team USA.

Another issue with the speedskating event is why the controversy grabbed international headlines. Athletes in these races are fast and the idea that a flap in a suit would make or break a team sounds rather ridiculous. And apparently it wasn't the reason Team USA was faltering.

What’s next for the speedskaters who represent Team USA? Perhaps everyone needs to step back and maybe even take some advice from medal winners of the Olympics. Viewers might not have an answer, but it’s fair to say that the losses in the events have little (if anything) to do with the speedskating uniforms.