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USA soccer fans have special World Cup chant? ‘I Believe’ cheer started in Utah

The World Cup fans cheering on the US team are chanting a special verse that makes everyone stand up and cheer. With all the teams at the World Cup having their own special music and introductions, it doesn't appear that the world has a chant quite like what is heard when USA hits the fields. According to the Fox 13 on Thursday, the chant started at Utah State University and now is being heard around the world.

World Cup chant for USA started in Utah
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The chant has fans yelling to a beat a simple phrase of “I believe that we will win.” Usually started by a cheer from the field, it gets louder and louder until everyone in the crowd is cheering along. Very catchy and definitely positive, the chant started in the United States for a basketball game.

The self-proclaimed “Front Row Crew” of Utah State started the chant about 4 years ago during men’s basketball games. The folks in Utah got the idea from the Navy games. Now the fans in Utah are using the chant every game they come to watch.

The US World Cup audience participation chant is undeniably rousing and definitely a passionate plea for the players to do their best. It’s intense and gets even the most humble fans into the game as the call for action requires everyone’s participation. It’s also captivating, even if you don’t understand the language. Other fans have been intrigued by what is heard from the crowds watching the big game.

With ESPN also sharing the cheer on commercials and fans around the country chanting during the games, there is no doubt this positive phrase is going to be heard around the country long after the World Cup is over. For now, expect to hear the cheer on TV during the US games and even from the neighbor (as they are probably watching the World Cup too.)

It is amazing that a Utah University in a small town is noticed by taking the “I Believe” chant to the World Cup. People from the area have to be proud!

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