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2014 Winter Olympics

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USA Olympics Closing Ceremony fashion; Ralph Lauren makes athletes look good

USA Olympics Closing Ceremony fashion
USA Olympics Closing Ceremony fashion
Ralph Lauren/Twitter

Ralph Lauren will have the athletes feeling proud when they walk into the Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday. The famous clothing designer got some heat for the extremely loud fashion at the Opening Ceremony, but the designs and colors used for the final look at the Closing Ceremony will have USA looking impressive. According to Huffington Post on Friday, the importance of Team USA fashion has been closely admired throughout the Olympic Games.

From the special outfits for the athletes worn on the podiums when picking up the medals to the training pants, people are checking out Team USA and the fashion. Another fashion element that is equally as important? How fans cheering on the athletes look. Saturated in red, white and blue, American’s have brought out the colors to cheer on some of USA’s best athletes.

When Team USA walks into the Fisht Olympics Stadium for the final time, viewers around the world will see how good they look. Classic and elegant, the Ralph Lauren design's really offer a strong USA focus. Plus it's good to know that the clothing was actually made in the United States too. Thinking back it's good this look is how USA athletes will be remembered as it is the final fashion at the Closing Ceremony. Hopefully fans have already forgotten what Team USA was wearing when they arrived a couple weeks ago.