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2014 Winter Olympics

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USA Olympic Ceremony cardigans: 'Ugly Christmas sweaters' selling for thousands

Team USA's Opening Ceremony sweaters: Not a very big hit.

If you’re not an athlete representing the U.S. in the 2014 winter games, no worries – you can at least look like one, as long as you’re willing to shell out a few grand to do so.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting today that the official Team USA cardigan sweaters, worn by the U.S. athletes as they entered the Olympic arena during Friday’s opening ceremonies, are sold out. But those looking to turn a profit are selling them on eBay and related sites, where they are attracting some whopping bids.

One of the sweaters has already sold on eBay for $3,000. This one has a current bid of $1,775, with two days to go.

The waist-length sweaters, featuring a cardigan-type design with big buttons and front pockets, were created by top dog American fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

According to Yahoo!, the outfits Lauren designed, his fourth time doing so for the Olympics, “were made in the USA, a move that was no doubt in response to the outcry during the 2012 London Olympics Games, when U.S. fans found out the designer outsourced the outfits' manufacturing to China.”

Not everyone is impressed by the design however. When the U.S. team entered the floor, reactions on Twitter to the “ugly Christmas sweaters” were not at all kind.

What do you think of the U.S. Olympic sweaters? Love em or hate em? Leave your thoughts below.

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