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USA Network's 'Psych' calling it quits after eight seasons

James Roday and Dule Hill of USA Network's 'Psych.'
James Roday and Dule Hill of USA Network's 'Psych.'
USA Network

USA Network’s “Psych” will end its eight-season run on March 26, the network announced on Wednesday. A live show featuring the show’s cast and creators will air immediately following the series finale.

Series stars James Roday and Dule Hill appeared in a video segment announcing the end of the show (see video at left).

Psych” regularly attracted 4 million viewers during its fifth season, but those numbers have dwindled since.

The Season 8 premiere of the scripted show on Jan. 8 pulled in 2.3 million viewers, while the Jan. 29 episode only attracted 1.7 million – almost a series low.

Known for its humorous pop culture references and homages to classic movies and TV shows, “Psych” aired its 100th episode last March and its long-anticipated musical episode in December.

Series creator Steve Franks said that all of the eighth season’s episodes have been filmed and that the finale is one of his favorite episodes. “It certainly has a degree of closure that will be satisfying,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Personal Take

Say it ain’t so, son!

Eight seasons have come and gone way too quickly, Shawn and Gus.

No more fingertips to the forehead. No more squealing like a little girl when danger is near. No more rapid-fire dialogue that is as endearing as it is sometimes hard to follow.

“Psych” is one of the most intelligently written and humorously acted shows of all time and will be missed greatly.

As charming as main players Shawn and Gus were, it was the cast of supporting characters that rounded out the show’s completeness.

From Woody, the quirky coroner, to Henry, Shawn’s uptight father, to the stream of high-profile guest stars – there was much to love about “Psych.”

Following tonight’s episode, Psych-Os have three weeks to gather themselves until the string of the final five episodes begins on Feb. 26.

“Psych” airs on USA Network on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in Provo.

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