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USA Jr. Olympic Boxing results, LBC 44

(bottom, left) At the conclusion of Bout #1, Eric Puente (l) has his harm raised in victory by referee Rick Ley after he defeated Jovany Contreras (r).
(bottom, left) At the conclusion of Bout #1, Eric Puente (l) has his harm raised in victory by referee Rick Ley after he defeated Jovany Contreras (r).
Jim Wyatt

On Saturday, the National City Community Youth Athletic Center CYAC hosted the ten boxers competing in this year’s USA Amateur Boxing Junior Olympics competition at the LBC 44 District level. As in past years, the competition was fierce. Here are our results from the five matches.

After his big win over Rodolfo Ortogoza, Daniel Andujo (l) is joined by his coach (r) and USA Amateur Boxing official Hondo Fontan (c).
Jim Wyatt

In Bout #1, it was 15 year-old Jovany Contreras (122.6 lbs.) of Barrio Logan taking on 15 year-old Eric Puente of Max Impact, Oceanside, CA (123.6 pounds).

In round #1, even though Contreras was the busier of the two, it was the much taller Puente who was doing the majority of the scoring. Round two was more of the same as Puente landed with the white of the gloves and blocked the majority of punches. In the third round, Puente sealed the deal and finished with a powerful right uppercut.

In Bout #2, it was 13 year-old Jabin Chollet (84.2 pounds) of Barrio Logan, San Diego versus 14 year-old Ruben Vazquez (84 pounds) of the Los Vazquez Boxing Team.

The more aggressive Chollet got off to a great start by using this stutter step, darting in and out to land the well leveraged punches featuring his overhand rights. After starting so well, the second and third rounds were sort of a mixed bag, and in that third round, Chollet was warned twice about not biting down on his mouthpiece. Still, this boxing pundit felt Chollet had done more than enough to be awarded the victory.

When the announcement came that Vazquez had won a split decision victory, you could have heard a pin drop.

In Bout #3, it was 11 year-old Julius Ballo of the "Bomber's Squad" working out of the Marron Boxing Camp, Lakeside, CA (76.5 pounds) taking on 12 year-old Julian “Mexican” Rojas of the Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA (77.6 pounds).

Round #1 was one of those ¿Quién sabe? rounds. Where was the old fashioned clicker when you needed it? It’s certain the boxers had established a new record for the number of punches thrown in a round. I defy anyone to tell me who won that round.

In round two, Ballo took charge with two direct hits to the face leading to a stoppage for an 8-count. A minute later, he landed two more in-your-face punches which led to a second 8-count being issued. Then, just before the bell, he spun his opponent around to land another salvo of punches.

Running low on petrol, the valiant Rojas gave it his best shot right till the very end. It was like he was willing to take three punches to land that one big punch. Still, it was Ballo who finished strong landing an uppercut followed by an overhand right to end the contest. At the very worst, Ballo had won two of the three rounds to gain the victory

In Bout #4, it was 21 year-old Kevin Salas of the Tolteca Boxing Gym, San Ysidro, CA (125.6 pounds) taking on 21 year-old southpaw Pedro Bernal of Old School Boxing in the College Area, San Diego (125 pounds).

Being the more aggressive boxer, you’d have to give the edge to Salas in round one of this classic righty versus lefty match.

Back came Bernal in round two as his confidence grew after the straight left hands began to reach their target.

The third and final round was the WOW!! round. Both boxers began to land these full frontal shots to the head plus the two and three punch combinations. Making a final determination had to be a nightmare for the judges. In reality, the scoring for this final round could have gone either way. The judges decided to go with Salas.

Bout #5 was the rubber match between two veterans 15 year-old Rodolfo Ortigoza of the Legacy Training Center, Vista, CA (106 pounds) and 16 year-old Daniel Andujo from the Temecula Boxing Club, Temecula, CA (110 pounds).

In their last confrontation, Ortigoza was masterful and took every round from the more sluggish Andujo who later mentioned he was dealing with a stomach virus.

In this one, Ortigoza had his moments but not nearly as many as Andujo who by bull rushing Ortigoza, not only cut off the ring, he had him backed up against the ropes to smother him with straight shots to the head and body. We should also give credit to Andujo’s support group who kept cheering him on.

In the final round, Andujo finished strong after going after Ortigoza’s midsection. As a result, Ortigoza was issued a standing 8-count. This was a complete reversal from what happened in their previous bout.

The winners of these matches now go on to the regionals.

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