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USA hockey women shed tears as Canada gets gold? Silver medal isn’t that sad

Team USA looks very sad after getting silver in Olympic Hockey
Team USA looks very sad after getting silver in Olympic Hockey
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Olympic hockey women champions weren't terribly hard to miss on the Sochi ice after the game between the Canadians and USA. They could be easily seen by the big smiles on all the player’s faces. It was a tough battle with Canada pushing hard and the American’s just didn't get the shots they needed. The final score was 3-2. According to For the Win on Thursday, the time on the ice after the game was one of the saddest silver medal winner moments at Sochi as the USA women were crying.

It’s awkward when checking out the images of the USA players wiping their eyes after being defeated. Some of the toughest female athletes on the ice are shedding tears after winning the silver medal. Perhaps those tears are because that the USA team really is a group of winners and they battled their hearts during the game. Or maybe it is because they didn't win. Yet a Olympic silver medal is a big deal.

There is no shame in second place after giving it your all. Perhaps everyone gets too wrapped up in the idea of being number one that we sometimes forget the journey. Of course if satisfaction came with almost winning a game that would be a problem too.

The USA women’s hockey team did America proud with an Olympic silver medal. Fans cheered the women on and screamed at the television at every goal. So stop the tears and start celebrating Team USA as America will always be proud.