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2014 Winter Olympics

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USA hockey win reenacted by Ken dolls; ‘Kimmel’ shows Russia losing (video)

USA hockey fans are going to love how Jimmy Kimmel Live has reenacted the Olympic hockey game between USA and Russia. On Monday night the late night talk show host had Will Arnett and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover models as guests, but he wanted to talk about the Olympic Games. However he had one small problem. With the rights given to NBC and his show is on ABC, there is little chance that any footage could be shown to the world. So the show was creative and decided to give a reenactment of the Olympic Games using Ken dolls.

Barbie would have been way too excited to see all the Ken dolls on the ice. With the team players all set up to play, the different segments of the game were shown, including the USA goalie doing an intriguing split to avoid the puck going into the net.

While some might have thought that the Ken dolls would have been dressed, that idea appeared too complicated. Instead the fans could tell on who was on each team by looking at the shoes.

Even though the USA and Russian game was played last week, the talk about the Olympic game definitely hasn’t died down. Russian fans are upset and Americans are gleeful. Which is why this moment is so very funny!

Take a look at the video clip of Jimmy Kimmel reenacting the controversial USA and Russia hockey game.

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