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USA hockey team adopting Sochi dogs; Olympic dogs living with players at hotel

USA hockey team bringing home a few Sochi dogs from Russia
USA hockey team bringing home a few Sochi dogs from Russia
Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Sochi stray dogs are being adopted by a few good men! The USA men’s hockey team is trying to beat some of the best players in the world and in the process picking up a few new family members. One dog, an unofficial mascot of the players in Sochi, was seen on the porch guarding the hotel and it appears the dog is coming back to the United States. On Tuesday Fansided reported that several NHL players will be adopting and taking home dogs after the Olympic Games are over.

The Sochi dogs have become an international issue with people concerned about the canines. While the sporting event is a priority, some players have stepped out and decided to adopt the dogs and bring them back. It’s not an easy process. In addition to getting the dog checked out at a Russian veterinarian, shots given for the trip, a kennel is needed for the flight home and then once back in the USA the dog needs to be checked out again by an American veterinarian.

While there is no official count on how many dogs will be taken home by the USA hockey team, Ryan Miller shared that there are several dogs going home with the team.

Olympic athletes from America, as well as other countries, have been deciding to take home the animals and that’s great to hear!