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2014 Winter Olympics

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USA hockey players being spied on at Olympics? Details on injuries a big worry

USA Hockey players being spied on?
USA Hockey players being spied on?
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Team USA and Russia are hitting the ice for a major Olympic Hockey game on Saturday. Some viewers of the Sochi Olympics might suggest this game is one of the biggest games before the final few matches. However, there are rumors floating around that the Russians could spy on the Americans to find out details about the NHL players. According to Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday, the American staff is talking in code in case the Russians are listening about the players. And they are using burner phones so the Russians can’t track the health information.


Apparently the intensity of the match between USA and Russia has some hockey bigwigs concerned that the wrong people will get player's health details and perhaps offer a focused hit on the ice to cripple a player. The Russians are perceived to be pretty good at digital hacking and this has offered the medical staff a challenge when it comes to passing details back and forth about injuries.

A code has been set up to communicate and the special phones will help limit the concerns of the Russians finding out details about Team USA players. It was put together prior to the team arriving in Sochi and there seems to be a very big concern that the players are at risk.

The NHL considers the idea of allowing players at the Winter Olympics a liability in some aspects, but to text in code on a burner phone sounds a bit extreme. Perhaps even a little paranoid too. It’s not like we are talking about secrets of national security. It’s just Olympic hockey! Go Team USA!

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