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USA fan falls out of window: Eric Corey's World Cup passion gets out of hand

U.S.A. fan falls out of window of pub during World Cup party
U.S.A. fan falls out of window of pub during World Cup party
Photo via American Outlaws Miami Chapter Facebook page

There are some unfortunate and bizarre stories coming out regarding fans of the World Cup as the competition continues. In the latest incident, a U.S.A. fan fell out of a window in a South Florida bar in the midst of the U.S.-Portugal match. WSVN shared the latest on Monday.

Eric Corey, said to be a diehard fan of the team, fell from a second-story window and landed on an awning. The incident happened at the Fado Irish Pub in Mary Brickell Village. Bystanders held the awning up until help could arrive, and it seems Corey was able to give everybody a thumbs up as he waited. Despite the fall, Corey was able to walk down the firefighter's ladder himself, with a bit of help.

The diehard fan had even spoken with WSVN before the game, sharing his confidence that the team was going to go all the way in this year's World Cup. He's the president of the local chapter of the American Outlaws, a U.S. men's soccer support group. Corey even helped to organize the event Sunday at the pub.

Corey apparently refused to go to the hospital, but a bit later an update was posted on the American Outlaws group's Facebook page regarding the incident. It indicated that the U.S.A. fan who fell out of the window was “alive and uninjured,” and Eric Corey thanked everybody for their best wishes and prayers. According to the Fox Soccer blog, Corey was standing on a window ledge and slipped on some beer just after Portugal scored the last-second tying goal.

Just how much drinking was involved in this one? Alcohol does seem to play a consistent theme in these World Cup fan incidents. However, there hasn't been any word yet regarding how many cocktails, if any, were involved as the U.S.A. fan fell out of the window.