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USA Boxing President John Brown says 'GSD'
Will USA Boxing be able to keep Pedro Otano in the fold?

New USA Boxing President John Brown released his first letter to the membership yesterday and his battle cry of 'GSD' (Get Stuff Done) will not fall on deaf ears, many wanting 'stuff done' for some time.

Brown, former RINGSIDE, Inc. owner, current President of the Kansas City Golden Gloves as well as their USA Boxing LBC (Local Boxing Committee) Chairman, gives validity to his claim of ‘for the first time in decades (amateur) boxing will be run by boxing people’ as he's joined by interim USA Boxing Executive Director Mike Martino who himself brings a wealth of knowledge and support from the masses to the job, him already putting his own staff together at the USA Boxing headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Brown suggests two key issues many USA Boxing members expressed concerns will be addressed immediately with communication (having staff to answer phones and e-mail) and establishing the role of AIBA (their relationship with USA Boxing) his points of focus.

The latter issue may indeed ruffle the feathers of AIBA Executive Director Ho Kim and AIBA President Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, both men suspending USA Boxing back in 2012 for not removing former USA Boxing President Hal Adonis from their Board of Directors (him removed as USA Boxing President after making inflammatory remarks regarding women and boxing), making it seem they endorsed his comments.

Had it not been for the pleas of then USA Boxing President Dr. Charles Butler and then USA Boxing Executive Director Anthony Bartkowski, that 90-day suspension would in all probability have not been lifted, severely jeopardizing the chances of the United States participating in 2012 Olympic boxing competition.

Brown seems prepared to take these two head-on as his USA Boxing and Golden Gloves positions of leadership could bring the two organizations together as one and accept any suspension by AIBA then moving forward towards the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, without any endorsement as a sanctioning body from AIBA.

Many in USA Boxing hope to see that happen but there must first be an agreement reached with USOC (United States Olympic Committee) Chairman Larry Probst and USOC CEO Scott Blackmun (Blackmun yet to say anything publicly regarding the firing of Anthony Bartkowski or the resignation of Dr. Charles Butler), Blackmun utterly frustrated for quite some time with USA Boxing and hearing the 'GSD' battle cry surely music to his ears.

Of major concern should be is just where does USA Boxing International Teaching Coach Pedro Otano fit into these new plans of USA Boxing, him agreeing to join USA Boxing in that position solely because of his fondness for Dr. Charles Butler and Anthony Bartkowski, both exiting with as of yet one word regarding the issue coming from the mouth of Coach Otano.

John Brown has let it be known ‘There’s a new sheriff in town’ but as with the arrival of every new sheriff there comes a period of ‘What can you do for me’?

John Brown and Mike Martino have obviously been in this position before having prepared themselves for whatever obstacles lie ahead. Only time will tell if they can become as successful as they believe.

Stephen Johnson feature writes for BORICUA

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