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USA Boxing President, Dr. Charles Butler, tenders resignation

Charles Butler
Charles Butler
Dr. Butler correctly decides battling physical ailments requires time spent with family vital and steps down.

Dear fellow Members of USA Boxing,

It has been almost two years since I assumed the Presidency of USA Boxing. I write to bring you, the membership up to date on where your organization stands.

What has USA Boxing accomplished in a little less than 2 years?

o USA Boxing is reformed and governing under new articles of incorporation and bylaws as approved by AIBA and the USOC

o We established an active Grassroots Task force

* This group is charged with finding every means possible to help advance the interests of the Grassroots

* This group consists of those who answered my call for Volunteers in an open letter to you some months ago

* DJ Walton an independent member of the Board has taken leadership of this group and is close to publishing the first edition of the Grassroots Resource Manual and deals with:

* Establishing a Club

* Recruiting Athletes

* Fundamentals of Grass Roots Coaching

* Educating R/J’s

* Preparing for competitions

* Marketing Local Shows

* Etc.

o Making the Grassroots prosper. Money is the major problem

* Major problem is that $1,000,000 divided by 1,200 clubs would be $833.00 per club! That won’t work. We must work through providing help to club owners so they can bring in more money by providing:

* Tips on marketing Events

* Recruiting Athletes

* Programs to raise the image of Boxing so more athletes will want to participate --- increased membership

* All these subjects will be covered in the Grass Roots Manual that each of you will receive

* We are assessing pairing successful clubs with less-fortunate clubs for help for “one on one” help in becoming successful

* We have invited any Grassroots athletes who can support themselves to try out for training under our high performance and coaching staffs. Only those with Olympic Potential will be chosen. We have 300 applicants.

* Raise the image of the sport so more athletes enroll and increase club revenues to improve the image of USA Boxing:

o We have Bernard Fernandez, former President of the American Sports writers association, heading our Public Relations Committee. He is writing articles to bring USA Boxing into the forefront of the public eye.

o Ring Magazine is writing articles about USA Boxing Athletes each month through the Olympic Games of 2016

* Develop “heroes”--- through our coaching staff. We are one win away from restoring greatness to the sport in the United States.

o We established a Resident Program for our athletes – 5 beds last year, 10 this year

o We supported 19 international Competitions and Camps in 2013 and will again in 2014

o We won 105 medals in international competitions in the last 14 months.

o We had the outstanding athlete at 2 AIBA World Championships and one Continental championship.

o The USOC categorizes USA Boxing and the organization that represents every Olympic Sport in the United States in 3 classes. After many years, we were singled out for praise by the head of the USOC and USA Boxing was elevated from “non-productive sport” to “productive”.

o We reorganized finances through USA Boxing Treasurer, Brian May, so with less money:

o Rick Halpert, Independent Director, has vetted and recruited 8 prominent Attorneys from the Private Practice, State Offices, etc to volunteer and fill every position on the Judicial and Appeals Committees. He has met with and recruited prominent citizens for the Ethics Committee.

o Bill Polian, Independent Director, has not only helped us with vision aspects of USA Boxing but has written a thorough review and reorganization plan for USA Boxing

o Brian May, Treasurer, has not only helped us with financial expertise, but has spent days in Colorado Springs helping us reorganize the financial assets and set up conservative but smart plans for the future. We have made our debt payments, supported 19 international tournaments and about the same number of camps last year and are on track to do the same this year. This is being achieved by cutting out the fat and exercising judicious management

o Angel Villareal, the LBC Director on the board, has spent an incredible amount of time overseeing the redo of the new Technical and Competition Rules published Jan 1, 2014.

o At the last Pan Am Games, we did not win a bout. Last week at the Youth Continental Championships we sent 13 athletes and came home with 12 medals (5 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze).

o We now have more 3-star Referees than any country

o We have produced a huge number of 1-star Referees for the Grass Roots

o We have certified a large number of 3-star Coaches

o We have established a Safe Sport Program

o We are developing a risk reduction program so that our insurance premiums have come down

Serving you has been the greatest of honors. Many of you know that for the last three years I have been battling two cancers. God has blessed me and my family granting me continued life. Now, with sadness, it is time for a new generation to lead USA Boxing back to greatness. I will be resigning as of Tuesday April 15, 2014. USA Boxing, you my Boxing Family will always be in my prayers. I ask for yours. God bless every one of you.

With respect and appreciation,


Stephen Johnson feature writes for BORICUA and UNTIL THE NEXT

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