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2014 Winter Olympics

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USA Bobsledder starts Twitter trend; ‘#Quinning’ breaks down boundaries

USA bobsledder starts a "#Quinning" meme trend on social media
USA bobsledder starts a "#Quinning" meme trend on social media
Mike Inouye/Twitter

Olympic bobsledding is known for speed, strength and even a little luck, however that is on the course. Off the course, the USA bobsledding team has made headlines for issues in Sochi especially Johnny Quinn. The Olympic athlete busted through a bathroom door after getting stuck and the picture of the left over door with a huge hole went viral. Now it appears everyone wants to be like Johnny Quinn. His actions have fans trending a new meme. According to ABC News on Sunday, social media is now “#Quinning” too with a special hashtag devoted to the issue.

So what exactly does this meme imply? Well, it’s when someone decides to rip, tear, break or get into an item by just going for it. A classic example seen on Twitter is the man who ripped apart an envelope because he couldn't get it open properly. Or the top of a cereal box literally torn from the sides as the flaps didn't work correctly. It’s all about getting what you need without using the appropriate way because it is broken (or just happens to be easier.)

Johnny Quinn is the first member of the U.S. Olympic bobsledding team to have an internet meme and there are only a handful of athletes on Team USA who have made such a mark. People around the world are having their own "#Quinning" moments and the impression is that everyone can be like Johnny Quinn and all they need to do is apply a little strength.