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USA bobsledder Johnny Quinn gets stuck in bathroom: See what he did to get out

Johnny Quinn bathroom

It is a fun time at the 2014 Sochi Olympics until you get stuck in the bathroom. USA bobsledder Johnny Quinn had this happen and the way he got out of the room is a bit shocking. You can check it out in the picture on this page. On Feb. 8, Gossip Cop shared about what happened. Fans everywhere are really enjoying the Olympics on NBC.

This happened to Johnny on Saturday. He actually made a massive hole in the bathroom door so that he could get out. That is one way of getting yourself free and getting some free publicity as well. At first the only photo was of the door, but then Johnny shared the one on this page where someone used photo shop to add him behind the door.

Johnny revealed that he was taking a shower in the bathroom when he got stuck. Of course since it was the shower he didn't have his phone with him so he had no other way to get out of the room. The USA bobsledder did what he had to do to get free.

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