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USA A Change of Direction

Its been a while since I have written anything here. Alot has been going on politically. The country continues to deteriorate under Obama. His agenda is more clear as the days and years go by. He wants to and has "fundamentally changed" our country. I only hope the damage can be reversed. We need leadership, in a different direction. There are things we can do as ordinary Americans to help in this process. We can pray, first and foremost. Our forefathers did it, what makes us think we do not need to? If we want blessings from above we had better start paying attention. Secondly, we can be involved in the political process, by voting, running for office, asking questions about candidates and issues, and holding those in office accountable to us with phone calls and letters and various organizations that represent our values.

There are several new leaders politically in recent years and possible good presidential candidates. Former Senator Santorum has some good ideas and is involved in some good organizations. I always liked Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin. Rubio, Cruz and Rand Paul have all attempted to make changes in Washington, D.C. and I admire them for it. Jindal, Bush and Pence, Walker, Perry and other governors have been doing their part. I admire anyone who takes a stand for right living and against an intrusive and expensive and now unjust government. This administration has been racked by scandals and corruption and perhaps will go down as the worst one in our history from Fast and Furious to Benghazi, to the IRS illegal targeting of conservative groups, to the current Obamacare fiasco, and now problems overseas with Russia who has no respect for us and from Israel, who we are supposed to be allied with. As I said, time for a change in direction.

I have been involved in different issues and organizations over time just trying to make some difference for the better and there are times it is discouraging to feel no one cares. However, I have found that there are people who care deeply just as I do and are willing to "do something". I really think that should be a theme for Americans today because everyone can "do something". If we try to fix everything, we may be discouraged and quit, but everyone can literally "do something".

I really would like to put a call out to God's people and our churches who feel they should not get involved. We have a responsibility and privilege in this country that has allowed us to reach more people with the gospel than probably any other country because of the way the system of government was set up, a republic, one nation under God with God-given rights which allows us freedom of speech and freedom of religion. If you don't see the connection, you need to. You need to examine your heart and see if its fear holding you back, fear of what others will think, fear of being unable to live up to a standard, fear of being called an "extremist". If we fear God, Christian people, we will have nothing else to fear. It is time for us to be public about who we are and what we stand for, and that includes in politics. Politics has deteriorated to almost a dirty word among Christians, and that is wrong. It involves the leadership in our country. It does involve risk, but leadership always does whether it is your family, your church, your community or your country. We do not agree on everything, in fact if you have two people, you have two opinions. We are imperfect people but that is where God comes in. He can help us if we will let him.

If I could have been a "fly on the wall" in the early days of our country (as in the video called Our Sacred Honor) I may have been able to see what went on to build the foundation of this country. There was bickering, there were some disagreements, there were different personality types that had to come together,..but there was a sense of purpose, the idea that they had to do something. I truly believe it took God's intervention to make it happen. Those founding fathers were people too. They just got tired of what was going on with England and decided to "do something" about it and then asked for the help of God Almighty and got busy. I really believe it can happen again. God can intervene. People can come together for the common good.

We say we do not have time to be involved, but that is not true. We also say we don't have time to pray, time to go to church, time to spend with our families...we have time, how are we spending it? I would say we need to get our priorities straightened around.

If we will just each one do our part, we can keep the "hope" and give back the "change". This is my part, what is yours?

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