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US unemployment drops to new low

The Raw Story website reported hours ago on March 6, 2014 that new reports show that new applications for unemployment benefits have dropped once again to the lowest levels in three months. While the Obama Administration will likely claim this as a victory that the economy is allegedly improving, many in the freelance community know that this is not the case.

Fiverr has been making huge strides and advancements in their website services in recent months, offering useful tips and free information on their blogs for how to reap the financial benefits of freelancing. As this examiner has reported just last month, more and more Americans are taking their financial destinies into their own hands by turning to freelancing as a way to make ends meet.

This is largely due to a lack of trust in the government, as employment benefits have been significantly reduced in past months and as Obama has failed to keep his promise for an increase in available employment opportunities for some 6 years into his administration.

Fiverr administrators are becoming more actively engaged in the success of their online freelancing professionals. Just today they posted an article describing the best methods for buying and selling graphic designs through their website.

Fiverr is also now accepting Bitcoins, another bold move by the freelancing website that is attracting many online entrepreneurs to a community that seems to be constantly striving to improve and expand its products and services. Another blog post describes how even the novice freelancer can use their smartphone to make money on Fiverr and how a single Fiverr purchase can result in an instant $8200 sale Top Sellers.

Rueters reports that the drop in US unemployment claims may also be due to the harsh winter weather that has taken place in nearly every area of the country this year, from Dallas to Atlanta and into the New England states. But Fiverr is always reporting personal accounts on their blog by Top Sellers who have turned to freelancing out of necessity due to a poorly rebounding US job market.

With freelancing on the rise on sites like Fiverr, it is no wonder that the US unemployment numbers will naturally decline as a result, even if the Obama Administration will most certainly try to take all of the credit.

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