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US Senate report alleges CIA lied about intensity of torture programs

Credible accusations that the CIA has been involved in a cover-up of the extent of its torture programs have been surfacing. Fox News reported on April 1, 2014 that a Senate report claims the CIA misled the government and the public about its interrogation program. In particular it is alleged the CIA was misleading about the severity of its methods.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, speaking about allegations of CIA wrongdoing.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Senate intelligence committee's report has provided a description of as of yet undisclosed cases of CIA detainee abuse which included the alleged repeated dunking of a terror suspect in tanks of ice water at a detention site which was located in Afghanistan. Furthermore, this report has concluded the CIA's controversial interrogation methods came up with a little, if any, significant intelligence. Many Democratic Senators along with some Republican Senators are claiming that the enhanced interrogation practices of the CIA were cruel and ineffective.

The Washington Post reports that the report by the US Senate Intelligence Committee has revealed the CIA went further than just concealing facts about the severity of its methods. The CIA also overstated the significance of plots and prisoners and took credit for critical pieces of intelligence which detainees had in fact
surrendered prior to being subjected to harsh interrogation techniques. These revelations are leaving the US government with a serious credibility problem worldwide in dealing with human rights issues.

The bottom line is torture is inhumane and criminal under international law. Furthermore, any information received from someone being tortured should be highly suspect to question anyway since most normal people will say anything while being tortured with hopes the torturers will be satisified and stop their cruel behavior. Any information received from torture techniques is therefore actually worthless. This all therefore raises serious questions about the mental health of people who torture other people to get what they want, with it appearing the CIA agents and any others responsible for torture are actually criminally insane.

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