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US restaurant chain cancels fundraiser for families affected by autism

Chili’s, an American restaurant chain has cancelled today's planned fundraiser for the National Autism Association. Chili’s had previously announced that they would be donating 10 percent of customers’ checks to the NAA.

When it was pointed out that the National Autism Association claimed on their website that vaccinations can expedite autism in “some, if not many, children,” the media, as usual, senstionalized the issue.

On Facebook, Chili’s addressed the sensationalized controversy by writing:

“The intent of our 4/7 National Give Back Event is not to express a view on this matter, but rather to support the families affected by autism,” Chili’s writes in the post. “Our choice to partner with the National Autism Association was based on the percentage of donations that would go directly to providing financial assistance to families and supporting programs that aid the development and safety of children with autism.”