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US report hypocritically alleges China violates religious freedom in Tibet

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Tibetans have been in pain trying to cope with repressive Chinese policies in dealing with their religious freedoms and other basic human rights. A recent US report acknowledges this serious situation in Tibet. A new report which has been released by U.S. Department of State has named China among the eight “countries of particular concern” for severe violations of religious freedom reported on July 30, 2014. However, there is a lack of positive impact from this report due to the tragic hypocritical postures of the United States in dealing with many human rights issues.

In its 2013 Annual Report which was released on Monday the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom said that the Chinese government’s respect for and protection of Tibetan religious freedom were poor. This report also alleges there has been widespread official interference in religious practice in Tibetan monasteries and nunneries. The report notes that although China’s constitution ensures “freedom of religious belief” the government of China has restricted its citizens from religious practice and religious freedom.

The US government says the Chinese government has imposed severe repression on the religious freedom of Tibetans across Tibet
reports the Central Tibetan Administration. The report says the severe repression is increased around politically sensitive events and religious anniversaries. It is alleged that official interference in the practice of Tibetan Buddhist religious traditions has been generating profound grievances.

Although the US government's position against religious repression in Tibet by the Chinese authorities is commendable, nevertheless the US government's hypocritical posture on many human rights issues undermines the power of the US government to influence affirmative changes in dealing with the Tibetan problem. Buddhists worldwide including His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Prime Minister in exile Dr Lobsang Sangay have been made aware of the fact that the US government endorses Communist Chinese styled harsh crackdowns on independent freedoms, which often includes religious freedoms, with psychiatrists.

The US government has endorsed repressive practices along these lines instead of encouraging humane mental health care and the forward advancement in life of people who may have had issues with their mental health. Clearly, such atrocious harsh crackdowns on individual freedoms are also invoked by American psychiatry with the use of kangaroo US courts against perfectly sane and law abiding activists and poor people who have never been in need of any mental health care intervention. The victims of such brutal human rights abuses never have a chance to enjoy any religious or other basic freedoms.

This realization has given the Communist Chinese a potent weapon to use against American interference in humane rights issues with unfortunate accurate accusations that the USA has no grounds to invoke harsh criticisms of other nation's policies when the United States has shown absolutely no commitment to cleaning up similar brutal human rights problems in its own country. The US government keeps insisting this is not true since so called proper judicial process is invoked in such cases. However, the US government has blinded itself to the fact that setting up terrorist styled swift kangaroo civil court proceedings in all 50 states to deal with these issues only signifies the complete legalized pathetic hypocrisy of the entire American system in dealing with human rights issues.

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