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US police state vs. US foreign policy

America's nearly unchecked and overreaching domestic police state has become so pervasive and powerful that it is now invading the country's foreign policy.

Devyani Khobragade was treated just like ordinary peaceful Americans who run afoul of our despotic government goons.

Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade was arrested in New York City, strip searched, cavity searched, DNA swabbed and thrown in a jail cell with "common criminals" and drug addicts before being released on $250,000 bail.

Welcome to the USA, Ms Khobragade. Now you know how "common Americans" are treated every day.

Her crime? Lying on her maid's visa application about how much she pays her maid.

Khobragade could get 10 years for visa fraud plus five years for making a false declaration.

This was an outrageous response accompanied by an outrageous penalty for such a trivial paperwork offense.

None of this would have happened in a libertarian society, since libertarians accept the Zero Aggression Principle that rejects the notion that anyone, including government, has a "right" to initiate force, intimidation or fraud against anyone.

These are Victimless crimes. Who was harmed? Lying and/or making a false declaration on a piece of paper about a wage payment neither coerced nor intimidated anyone since in a free society it would be only the business of Ms Khobragade and her maid.

Fraud is an act of deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. So who was defrauded, the IRS? The IRS is the most coercive, intimidating and fraudulent (pretending that you've "consented" to being taxed when you haven't) entity in America.

All free people have a right to defend themselves from criminal institutions such as the IRS.

In the massively corrupt, over-regulated police state that is modern America everyone is a criminal just waiting to be caught and arrested, fined, jailed or otherwise stripped of their money, property and freedoms by the psychopathic monsters that run our nation-state.

People with "criminal" records are more easily controlled. They can be dictated to during parole or probation, many have their voting rights suspended for life, and others will have their guns confiscated and their legal right to own them stripped away.

The more people who become legal wards of the state the more powerful the state becomes.

Still, how in the name of "law" does a simple nonviolent paper crime justify strip searches, cavity searches and DNA swabs?

The ruling classes are the true common criminals. They're the ones who should be strip searched, cavity searched, DNA swabbed and jailed.

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