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US Navy Destroyer Moves quietly into Black Sea as Russia-Ukraine drama unfolds

One of The US Navy's most lethal Destroyers steamed through the Bosporus Straits and into the Black Sea, where the Ukraine-Russia crisis continues to unfold, on Friday, 03/07/2014.

US Navy Destroyer Steams Quietly into Black Sea
Creative Commons

The USS Truxton, an Arleigh Burke class Destroyer, moved into the area in order to conduct "previously scheduled operations" with other regional navies, according to a US Department of Defense spokesperson.

Fox News, conversely, is reporting that the USS Truxton's presence in the Black Sea is an effort by the Obama Regime to fly the US flag in a region clearly subject to Russian aggression. The Truxton is a member of Carrier Strike Group-2, which operates under the flagship USS George H.W. Bush, one of the most powerful ultra-modern carriers in existence, which is stationed out of Greece.

Carrier Strike Group-2 2014 deployment force composition
Group Warships Carrier Air Wing Eight (CVW-8) squadrons embarked aboard flagship USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)

USS Philippine Sea (CG-58)
Strike Fighter Squadron 213 (VFA-213): 12 F/A-18F
Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 124 (VAW-124): 4 E-2C

USS Truxtun (DDG-103)
Strike Fighter Squadron 87 (VFA-87): 10 F/A-18A+
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Squadron 9 (HSC-9): 7 MH-60S

USS Roosevelt (DDG-80)
Strike Fighter Squadron 31 (VFA-31): 12 F/A-18E
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 70 (HMS-70): 11 MH-60R

USS Arleigh Burke(DDG-51)
Strike Fighter Squadron 15 (VFA-15): 10 F/A-18C
Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 40 (VRC-40), Det.5: 2 C-2A

—— Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron 134 (VAQ-134): 4–6 EA-6B

Speculation has swirled concerning whether or not the US might up the ante, as the ostensible leader of the Free World, by moving one of its most powerful carrier strike groups into the region, due to Russia's having already broken the 20-year old"Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances." The agreement, between Russia, the US, Ukraine, and the UK , stipulated that none of the treaty's signers would violate Ukrainian territorial integrity, which now clearly places Russia in clear violation of the agreement.

The agreement was signed back in 1994 under then President Clinton, in order to assure the Ukraine of its territorial integrity while signatory nations sought to liberate Ukraine of its rather large nuclear weapon strike capability. The signing of the agreement guaranteed Ukraine's borders from invasion by all parties involved, and eventually resulted in the Ukraine's becoming completely devoid of nuclear armament.

Ironically, in 2005, then Senators Barack Obama and Dick Lugar, secured $48 million in US funding in order to finalize the eradication of Ukraine's remaining stockpile of weapons. In a statement from 2005, while touring Ukraine, Obama indicated: 'We need to eliminate these stockpiles for the safety of the Ukrainian people and people around world, by keeping them out of conflicts around the world.'

While Russia has now broken the security agreement, a second but far older treaty from 1936, known as the Montreaux Convention, supposedly limits the US and other nations on what types of warships that can be sent into the Black Sea, thereby restricting US ability to protect other NATO member states. The pre-WW2 convention allows the increasingly militant nation of Turkey to control warship movements of all non-Black Sea nations.

However, the US never signed the Montreux Convention, while duly noting that the principle signing nation, the Soviet Union, no longer exists. The transition of a US carrier strike group into the Black Sea, would send a powerful message to Putin's Russia, that the United States as Leader of the Free World, is still most assuredly engaged.

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