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US history, taxation, diversity, civilization, control & the 1%

It is as old as the nation itself---the one-percent declaring its independence from taxes. Back when there existed no means by which to affect wire or internet legerdemain transfers to off-shore accounts the one-percent simply took its loot by boat to the Cayman Islands. Nothing has changed for more than three centuries. Don’t believe me, ask Mitt.

Many of those largely Anglo-Saxon but many Euro-Anglo-Jews as well continued living in the northern half of the Western Hemisphere. Then as they do today, the one-percent paid no taxes or a disproportionately small amount of taxes, opposed all taxes on them all the while enjoying the fruits of what those who did pay taxes afforded them. That is a pattern as old as this nation---in fact older.

As for power mongering, it really goes without saying that wealth is power and power does not share.

Whether it’s Ukraine, Egypt, Russia, China, Zimbabwe, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Arizona, Texas red or Washington, D.C. power does not share. That is a brutal, unrelenting and unapologetic hallmark of power.

The mostly one-percent owned US media-spin doctor machine works relentlessly to promote a pious image of respectability and trustworthiness around the globe. All the while directing drones from Nevada and other locations to assassinate those the modern day US monarchs say are “terrorists.”

US spinmeisters however, “neutral” in their approach serve the almighty dollar. Why? Because without the almighty dollar spinmeisters cease to exist.

Throughout the revolution of 1776 (some refer to it as the war of independence) an ineffective congress (sound familiar) was as useless at securing money with which to feed, clothe and pay the military as it was petty, partisan and parochial. Nothing has change unless the change is to become more polarized and better at boot licking.

The price of civilization has always been borne by the people. One-percenters do not, have not and will not create wealth for anyone but themselves. They do not create jobs at least not on a grand scale and certainly not in the US. (Two-thirds of the US workforce is employed by small businesses).

One-percenters practice a scary form of capitalism, corrupt, criminal and of course unsustainable. Notwithstanding, the US one-percent holding almost all of the wealth handily depict the world in its image.

The finger puppets of that wealth are able to largely do as they please. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tying up traffic, refusing to serve the LGTB community thereby depriving them of Constitutional rights, robbing "we the people" blind, or just treating the people, law and illegal campaign conduct with impunity.

In the end we the people pay taxes on everything. Because taxes are regressive by way of the fact that the less money and wealth a person has, the more disproportionate those taxes are.

Still in Texas red on the basis of the hateful, means-spirited slave-state legacy driven public policies and elections the once and still controlling majority population hold the power and power does not share.

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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