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US healthcare reform bill passed by Senate

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill

The final Senate version of president Obama's famous (and, to some, infamous) health care reform bill was adopted by 60 votes to 39, potentially leading to the biggest change in health care in the United States since the 1930s. Fifty-eight Democrats and two independents backed the legislation, with all Republicans voting against it. However, the president will not be able to sign the bill into law until it is reconciled with legislation passed by the House of Representatives, which could be a lengthy process and could include many more changes to the current version of the bill.

The proposed bill would mean that around 30 million Americans who are currently unable to obtain health insurance for themselves would have at least some form of coverage, by-amongst other measures- making insurance companies offer less expensive plans, stopping them from being able to deny coverage to anyone on the basis of them having a pre-existing medical condition, preventing bankruptcy and debt caused by healthcare costs and ensure continuity of coverage should a person lose their job.

To read more visit the following sites: CNN's article on the senate passing the bill, the BBC's page comparing the healthcare bills passed by the House and the Senate and the governments' site for health reform.


  • OnlyTheFacts 5 years ago

    For all of you who want Obamacare, consider the fact the per-capita income in the USA is far greater than in most other industrialized countries that have socialized health care. Govt run health care is expensive, taxes will increase significantly, and our standard of living will decline. Just look at the facts:

    Canada $39,200
    France $33,300
    Germany $35,500
    Japan $34,100
    UK $36,700
    USA $47,500
    Source: CIA World Factbook

    Nothing is free. If we take a Socialist path, it will benefit some, but it will hurt the majority. The stats tossed around in this health care debate have been deceptive. The true number of people who want health care but can’t afford it is VERY small. We don’t need a massive govt-run system to provide benefits to a few million people. Obama and most of the Dems are dumb, arrogant, and I believe they are evil. They will get destroyed for pushing this crap down our throats.

  • Nikki 5 years ago

    To "OnlyTheFacts"

    Strange how anyone can consider "a few million people" to be a "VERY small" number...

  • OnlyTheFacts 5 years ago

    Considering that the US population is more than 300 million, a few million IS a very small number. And under our current system, I'll bet everyone can qualify for some sort of health care. Obama and the Dems want control over the economy and our lives, and that's what this is all about. Socialism and Communism have always failed, especially in countries as large and diverse as the US. But whether the uninsured number is small or very small, it makes no sense to scrap our existing system for a govt-run system. If you disagree, then you're obviously a Socialist or Communist.

  • FARES 5 years ago

    I hope this bill will pass through all the necessary steps and tunnels to give the poor and the week a goo chance to have a better health.