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US Economic Collapse Coming July 1st?

On July 1st, a new currency law goes into effect, which many financial experts believe will bring devastating consequences to the US economy. This law, they say, will help bring capital controls to the global market.

The term capital control, is not one that is usually used in a free market society like the United States. In fact the reason the US dollar has become the currency for world trade is because of the lack of restrictions involved with it. This was attractive to foreign investors world wide, which made them want to invest in and use the dollar for all of their global buying needs. All nations of the world trusted in this currency, but with this new law coming to pass on July 1st, things are beginning to change.

The restrictions now being placed on US currency will make investors want to step back and take a look, because the things they used to do with the US dollar will no longer be allowed. The fear is that the attractiveness for the dollar will no longer be there, and it could become just as beneficial to invest in other foreign currency.

This plays into the desires of countries such as China and Russia, who have been wanting to get away from the dollar for trade for some time. They even signed an agreement to use only their countries forms of currency for trade between them. But because of the ominous power of the dollar, this pact never had the chance to come to fruition. Both countries were forced to continue to trade in US dollars until now. It is very possible now to get rid of the US dollar for trade, due to this new law. The reason this law will cause investors to finally turn away from the dollar, is very clear.

Capital controls make investors nervous because they put regulations on how much money can be withdrawn in a certain time period. These controls can also block foreign investors from selling off their assets. Investors love to buy and sell, to make money off their investments, and this law could take away the reason for investing in the first place, turning many of them away. But what does this mean for the US dollar?

The US government was making money by loaning out dollars to foreign countries for trade. That is why the government was able to print money and keep operating. The more the government printed out, the more it could make off of that money in the global market. Foreign nations like China, would buy US dollars and get loans off of those dollars in reserve.

But the new law coming into effect could weaken the value of the US dollar around the world. Banks may longer see the value in holding it for loans and so forth. And since the dollar is the main money maker for the US, to have the demand for it drop could have devastating effects on the US economy.

As the value of the dollar drops, inflation goes up. When the demand for the dollar drops globally, more dollars are pumped back into the US economy. And according to the law of supply and demand, the more there are of something, the less it is worth. This is seen in the form of inflation in commodity goods like gas and bread. A loaf of bread that once cost a dollar, could now cost 3 dollars. Gas could spike to over 4 dollars a gallon. Put inflation with the fact that the Dollar was the US mainstay in trade,and as the US has no other ability to make money as it did from the dollar, the results could be more than devastating.

But these new laws will also make changes to how people do business right here in the US. Citizens could be restricted from withdrawing certain amounts of cash from a bank account in a certain time period. During a currency crisis, Aka currency law, citizens may have to wait a week before getting their checks from work. But this is just a small example of what kind of changes could take place from this currency law.

If these are the results, one could not help but wonder why the US government would make such a devastating decision. The Federal government says the reason for this decision was to protect the US dollars from the effects of rapid cash movements. Is it possible that the Antichrist is deliberately trying to weaken the dollar to bring about the fall of the US? After all, the fall of the US would be the key need to set up a new world government. In his defense, history has shown that the countries who have gone to capital controls before, were countries that were worried about a currency crisis, and acted in preventive measures against the upcoming crisis. So it appears that he is doing what he can to avert a coming crisis. But what is his real agenda to prevent a crisis or to create a crisis?

In Cyprus, citizens were not allowed to withdraw or write checks for more than 300 per day. In Iceland, capital controls stopped foreign investors from selling off their assets. In Argentina, citizens had to pay an extra tax for vacations out of the country, and in the Ukraine, citizens had to wait six days before making foreign purchases. The US can impose any of these things, all of these things or something entirely different.

However or whatever happens, this new currency law is a sign that the US is in deep financial trouble and many experts believe that once this law is passed, it will raise a red flag to foreign investors. Once the investors are spooked, and desire to take their investment potential elsewhere, stock markets could crash and inflation could sky rocket. When this happens the US will be forever changed, massive unemployment like in the time of the Great Depression would be a very real possibility. All this could happen as early as July 1st.

When America falls, the rest of the world will eventually fall with it and you will know that the end times is here. Jesus is coming soon to get his bride! You don't want to be left behind when everything collapses. The Bible says that Babylon AKA America will collapse in one hour. Ask Jesus into your heart, and He will save you from what is about to come. Get your heart ready for Jesus today.

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