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US Dept of Labor has $30 million in grant money to help reintegrate ex-inmates

Ex-inmates need help reintegrating into society and the work force.

Sometimes careers are derailed by choices that lead to jail. Once time has been served, those folks need a little extra help to get their careers back on track. Aside from the available programs the ex-inmates participate in, the United States Department of Labor offers funding for organizations to help adults taking part in prison work-release programs to transition back into the workforce.

One such program called Reintegration of Ex-Offenders includes a plan called Training to Work – Adult Reentry and helps provide information and assistance to the public workforce on how they can help reintegrate this population of returning workers to the world of work. Women and men that participate in a prison work-release program obtain needed job skills so they may succeed in areas of employment that are in-demand. Specifically, they receive help with employment, vocational training and education, and mentoring.

Recently, the United States Department of Labor announced the availability of about $30 million in grant money as part of this program and is looking to award about fifteen grants worth two million dollars each to partners that can provide help in areas that are considered high-crime and high poverty.

Other consideration will also be given to what the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development have designated as “Promise Zones," which is an initiative that partners local communities and companies together to help improve economic conditions by creating jobs, access to more affordable housing, and improvement to public safety and educational prospects.

Non-profit organizations that meet the requirements for this solicitation of this grant can apply and more information can be found on this website.

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