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US Department of Justice child custody outcomes article generates 4.3K FB Likes

USDOJ call for cases has about a business week remaining
USDOJ call for cases has about a business week remaining

There is only one business week remaining for the US DOJ call for outrageous child custody examples, given the timeline identified to the California Protective Parents Association's notice, per CPPA.

This group of mothers marched on Washington, DC this fall, during a time that happened to coincide with the Federal sequester.

These mother's voices were determined, and the pre-planned Congressional Briefing did take place. The result of this combined effort was a call for what the CPPA identified to be the USDOJ asking to see case examples of outrageous child custody processes and outcomes.

It is not clear if there are perimeters on these cases.

The most commonly asked questions are:

Q: Who can submit

A: Anyone who has a case that has been heard within United States Courts regarding child custody?

Q: This group was started by Mothers, can Father's send materials too?

A: The group invites any concerned caregiver to post their case information using the format in the article. Lots of people act as parents.

Q: I would rather send my information straight to the USDOJ.

A: You are welcome to make any determination you wish regarding whether and to whom you wish to send your materials.

Apparent the CPPA group has a path forged already for these cases, and now is the time to send materials. The CPPA includes a set audience, who made a specific invitation.

Q: What can we expect as an outcome from sending this information?

A: To date, there has been no previous call for specific information like this. The question remains as to whether or not the mere introduction of the problem WITH examples will cause help to come forward or be included in current VAWA actions, which currently it is not.

The other question would be if sending the materials would allow the families help authorities "fingerprint" the processes that are allowing, enabling or perpetuating chaos, problems and death in these situations. The profile of the problem is missing, as is any discussion of exact problems and names of players. This will provide USDOJ with both.

USDOJ is looking at issues of risk, abuse and child human rights in particular. The other aspect is how abusive marital relationships or post divorce adult problems feed into problems like this.

Other information will be provided as it becomes available and watching the CPPA FB page is probably a good opportunity for care.

US Congress is back in session in Washington, DC and so it will be interesting to see how or if this comes forward as part of Spring 2014 Congressional Discussions, investigations, policy or law.

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