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US Capitol struck by polar vortex

Political weather report: Frigid conditions

America is a shining city on a hill, and its people are boundless

Fresh into 2014, and just when you think relations on “the Hill” couldn’t get colder, they dip into a subzero deep freeze. The first consequence is delaying a vote on extending unemployment benefits. What’s another day without a check to people depending on the government for assistance, right?

The relationship between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell can only get colder. Mitch is acting like he will be the future Senate majority leader post election 2014. McConnell is positioning with such confidence that he must believe his reelection bid is a slam dunk.

John Boehner hates cold weather as it is bad for his game and tan too.

“For the past year, due to inaction, obstruction, and deliberate acts to thwart economic recovery Republicans and teabaggers distinguished the 113th Congress as completely ineffectual. It has taken a couple of years, but noted scholars, Capitol Hill observers, and regular Americans now understand Republicans are responsible for wasting taxpayer time and money doing nothing but obstruct economic progress and render the government ineffective as their raison d’être. Now that the public knows Speaker John Boehner and Republicans lied to gain control of the House in 2010 after spending three years killing jobs, sending Americans into poverty, and damaging the economy, Boehner is doing damage control and blaming President Obama for House Republican incompetence.”

That sort of assessment from Politics USA doesn’t affect Boehner whose loyal fans back in his posh district in Ohio love him like a pet rock.

The cold winds are blowing through Washington DC today, but tomorrow it will warm back up again to seasonal cold conditions. In a few days, fog will settle in, and Americans can expect politics to resume as thick as ever.

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