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US butter consumption reaches 40 year high

US butter consumption reaches 40 year high
US butter consumption reaches 40 year high

Butter is something most people don't give much thought to, but according to an article published by Fox News on Jan. 10, Americans consumed more butter in 2012 than they have in 40 years.

Fox News reports that Americans ate an average of 5.6 pounds of butter in 2012, which is reportedly a 25 percent high than the average from 10 years ago. While that may seem like a lot, says that the average person consumed 18 pounds of butter a year in 1930. Now that's a lot of butter.

With Americans weighing more than ever before, and obesity running so rampant that it has been labeled a disease, people are wondering if there is a better alternative. Some have turned to things like olive oil for their cooking needs, but Dairy Goodness published a report comparing butter to both margarine and olive oil, and as it turns out butter is in line with the alternatives. In fact, butter actually has less fat and fewer calories than olive oil. Who knew?

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