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US Airways tweet: Apology issued after pornographic photo sent on Twitter

US Airways has apologized for a tweet (Twitter message) that was sent which showed a naked woman lying on a bed with a toy airplane positioned between her legs, according to a Yahoo! News report on Tuesday. The pornographic message by the airlines’ Twitter account on Monday was said to have been an error. The photo was attached to the airline’s response to a customer’s complaint regarding a delayed flight. The message with the inappropriate photo, described as NSFW (not safe for work), lit up Twitter – the social media website – says the Orlando Sentinel.

US Airways

Embarrassingly, US Airways shared the indecent photo with more than 420,000 people on Twitter as it responded to the customer’s complaint. The apology that followed the incident by US Airways said that the airline firm apologizes for an inappropriate image recently shared as a link in one of its responses to a customer. It said that it has removed it as they investigate. The investigation has to do with how the photo got online and who – with the company – posted it. Needless to say, someone who works in social media at the airlines has some explaining to do.

The interaction between @ElleRafter, a customer of US Airways, and @USAirways began when the customer expressed concern about her plane sitting on the tarmac – which delayed her in getting to her destination. The response to #ElleRafter’s Monday afternoon message included the photo of a woman in a compromised photographed state with a toy Boeing 777 jet strategically placed where the sun shouldn’t shine on Twitter. The incident is being called the worst tweet ever shared by a brand or company. The Twitter-sphere responded to the firm’s apology of the incident with more than 10,000 favorites and 13,000 retweets. Again, the US Airways incident is under investigation.

Specifically, when US Airways posted their response to the customer’s tweet, it said that US Airways welcomes feedback, and went on to say that if Elle’s travel is complete, she can detail it here for review and a follow—up. No doubt, the link for Elle’s feedback was supposed to be a customer support service page. However, the link was the huge pornographic photo error.

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