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URGENT: Pets Freezing to Death

Global Conservation Group Cruelty Investigation Department

The Green County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin is refusing to take action against the owner of two ponies and multiple dogs after he left (and continues) to leave the animals outside in negative 40 degree temperatures without adequate shelter!

After the Global Conservation Group received numerous reports from concerned citizens, the organization dispatched a Cruelty Investigation Team, which determined that the animals were in fact suffering and in danger of dying. In fact, the suspect's own neighbors say, some of the dogs already died due to being left out in the cold.

Equine veterinarians that the Global Conservation Group consulted with agree that ponies and dogs left outside in negative 40 degree temperatures without anything but a few barrels as shelter are in danger of frostbite, hypothermia, and death.

The Sheriff's Department claims, "according to state law, there is nothing we can do" when in fact, Green County's own animal cruelty ordinance states the following: "Any person owning or harboring an animal shall provide sufficient protection from the weather." (Chapter C 7-4-13-2) and continues "No person shall treat any animal in a cruel manner which causes unnecessary pain or suffering or unjustifiable injury or death." (A 7-4-13-2)

Please join the Global Conservation Group in politely asking the Green County Sheriff's Department in Wisconsin to take action against the owner of these animals on County Road CC:

Green County Sheriff's Department
2827 6th Street / PO Box 473
Monroe, WI 53566

Phone Number: 608 328 9400
Sheriff Mark Rohlof: 608-328-9615
Sign the Petition, CLICK HERE

January 27, 2014 UPDATE:

Media Inquiries to the Global Conservation Group: 888-959-5403 Ext: 101

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