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Urgent Need for Foster Homes

Dog in need of a foster home until a permanent home can be found
Dog in need of a foster home until a permanent home can be found
Sheree's Dog Rescue

From a special Newsletter from Sheree's Dog Rescue:

Dear Cheryl,
Sheree's Dog Rescue is in urgent need of foster homes and volunteers. We have had an intake of many little dogs recently and we don't have enough volunteers and homes for all of them. Make a difference in a little dog's life by giving him a chance at finding a permanent home, learning to trust humans and giving them the love and attention they never had. Experience witnessing a little dog turn the corner and thrive under your love and care.

Which breeds will you foster?
We are not breed specific, but we only take small breeds, up to 20 pounds. We take dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors. Some have health issues and the rescue will take care of taking them to the vet and making sure they get the treatment and/or surgery needed. We have so many little dogs who need a temporary homes to learn to live in a family and trust humans again.

What do you need to have?
A little bit of space and time and lots of patience and love for these babies.

How do I apply to foster?
Simply complete our Volunteer Application Form and return it to If you have questions about the foster program, please call Linda at 214-620-9846.

Previous articles that profiled some of Sheree's Dog Rescue success stories are a testament to a dilligent rescue organization.  Sheree's Dog Rescue is an all breed dog rescue.  They do all they can to not turn down any dog.  All dogs are given vet care and foster homes until a new forever home can be found.  Please contact Sheree's Dog Rescue if you can help.



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