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Urgent Need for Adopters Due to Overcrowding at Garland Animal Shelter

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In previous article, the statistics on available spaces for animals taken in by the Garland Animal Shelter was 102. Only 102 spaces available for the annual intake of approximately 12,000 animals. Approximately 65% are euthanized due to overcrowding.

The volunteers at Garland Pawsibilities oversee and coordinate a monthly adoption event for additional exposure for the animals at the City of Garland Animal Shelter. There were 26 dogs that were brought to the adoption event at Firewheel Town Center on Saturday, May 15. Sadly, there were 6 dogs left behind without yet finding their forever home.

Garland Pawsibilities report an urgent need for the remaining 6 dogs. Their futures are dim. The Garland Animal Shelter is filled to maximum capacity, with these 6 additional (adoptable) dogs that will be in line to be euthanized within days.

Your actions could save a life and bring a new Best Friend into your life and into your heart. Garland Pawsibilities are working diligently against the clock in hopes that these dogs are not euthanized without giving them a chance to find a forever home.

Marley” #136672 (intake date 5-3-2010) is a male, black/brindle Plott Hound, 8 months old at 58lbs. Marley is a owner surrender due to loss of home. Marley is very friendly and loves all humans and is just one big puppy. No known health issues, is heartworm negative. He is a very good boy and would learn quickly. Will need lots of exercise.

“Lucy” #136436 (intake date 4-27-2010) is a female Sharpei or SharpeiX. 7-9 months old at 28lbs. Lucy was a stray, is very well behaved all day around people and other dogs. No known health issues. Heartworm negative.

Checker” #136894 (intake date 5-8-2010) is a male Border Collie mix. Checker is about 7 months old at 37 lbs. No known health issues. Checker was a stray. Typical Border Collie, playful and full of energy, friendly to all two and four legged creatures. Heartworm negative.

“Chester” #136896 (intake date 5-8-2010) is a male Red ChowX, one year old at 38 lbs. Chester was a stray. He has a small healing wound on his face and leg. Chester has a sweet disposition. He needs more food and a good grooming.

Barton” #136879 (intake date 5-8-2010) is a male German ShepX. He is 5 months old at 26 lbs. He was a stray. Although he is going to be a big dog and he plays like a puppy, he is happy to settle down with his head in your lap for some stroking on his head. He has no known health issues and is heartworm negative. “Barton really captured my heart. I wish I could add another dog to my home (but hubby won’t let me!). If it helps, I will be happy to make a donation personally to any Rescue Organization that take Barton in (my contact Debbie Stout

Lola” #136653 (intake date 5-3-2010) is a female Red WhippetX, 1-2 years old at 15 lbs. No known health issues, heartworm negative. Lola is shy and is quite afraid with all the other dogs barking and the new activity. Even scared, she is not dog or people aggressive. She needs time to adjust to a forever home that will be in a nice, quite environment. Once she is more secure, she will be just like any other normal dog, running and playing about.

Please see the previous dogs at the City of Garland Animal Shelter. Remember, their days are limited. The City of Garland Animal Shelter opens at 10:00 AM on Monday morning. They are located at 600 Tower Street, Garland Texas 75040. 972-205-3570.

Click here to see all adoptable dogs and cats at the City of Garland Animal Shelter.



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