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UrbanHalo's eco-friendly headbands

UrbanHalo's eco friendly headbands
UrbanHalo's eco friendly headbands

Go green and stylish with UrbanHalo’s latest, trendy one-of-a-kind headbands. Now it’s easy to be fashionable and eco-friendly when you’re on the go, dropping your kids off at soccer and running your errands. Earth Day is around the corner and UrbanHalo has hand picked the perfect headbands that are kind to our earth and just as kind to you! These no slip, no sweat, and no headache headbands will put you in a go-getter mood, and get you ready to celebrate this beautiful earth that we live on.

UrbanHalo’s ever so soft signature fabric is made using an eco-friendly waterless process right here in the United States. These unique custom printed fabrics are perfect for every day wear or a fun day or evening out. UrbanHalo enjoys finding the most perfect fabrics to fit your every need whether you have a girls night out planned or are ready to head to yoga class.

Need help deciding which Halo is right for you? Let them help you decide with these earth-friendly custom designs.