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Swamp mallows
Swamp mallows
James George

It took months for landscapers, gardeners and contractors to repair and replace the automated watering system and planters at Ballston Place. You may have noticed that the freeze and thaw cycle the past two years wreaked havoc with the brick sidewalk. It is still very uneven in some places around the community where loose bricks and buckling present a hazard. To repair that requires engineering and expert skill.

Coleus and lantana in a planter
James George

Anyway, the result is that there are some excellent plantings and landscaping to provide visual entertainment while you hike the vicinity.

I often wonder about how flower color schemes are decided. Often, they are the same from year to year. Gardens require several plantings too with different arrangements coming and going.

Ballston Pond is a natural setting. Swamp mallows are blooming now and other purple swamp flowers. If anyone knows their name, drop a note in the comment section. The pond is filled with vegetation now, so you can’t see any plastic in there. It is still there, however.

By the way, do you ever get confused about flower names?

The swamp rose mallow is the same thing as the hibiscus moscheutos. I didn’t know that. I used to think that hibiscus grew out of the swamp and mallows grew in the swamp. Apparently, that isn’t true. Hummingbirds love them wherever they are growing.

The rose of sharon is a different bush, even though the flowers appear similar. No, that is wrong too. The rose of sharon is a hibiscus, just a different variety.

Here is hoping that the Ballston Pond planners will keep the hibiscus on board in the pond redesign. A few years ago there were about 1/3rd white, 1/3rd red, and 1/3rd pink. Now, they are mostly white. I can’t explain why that happens. If you have any explanations, put them in the comment column.

“PlantFiles: Hardy Hibiscus, Rose Mallow, Swamp Mallow
Hibiscus moscheutos”

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