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Urban Spirit promotes good health and nutrition, while providing a welcoming atmosphere

Outside Urban Spirit
Outside Urban Spirit

Inside Urban Spirit, photo by Melica Hampton

Urban Spirit, a company that emphasizes the taste of innovation, graces the King-Lincoln District at 893 E. Long Street. Urban Spirit is a coffee shop and art gallery with a few healthy options that strengthens its commitment of galvanizing the community. This stir can be seen inside the shop and around the community in which it serves. 

The first thing a customer notices during a visit at the shop is the bike rack placed to the far right of the entrance.  The company believes in providing a safe and sound environment for bikers to secure their belongings. Bikers can chain their bicycles to the bike rack provided by the establishment, to go inside and grab a bite to eat and partake in fellowship among other patrons. This company shows its continued commitment to cyclists by being a sponsor of the Bike the Cbus Bicycle Tour, which takes place this September.
As a customer, you have many scrumptious options to choose from without the guilt of breaking your diet or modifying your lifestyle change. The chicken in the quesadillas, salads, and sandwiches are boiled. This technique reduces the amount of fat content found in the company’s menu selections. The impact the company has made in serving healthy options can be seen in the regular customers that have made a commitment to stand by a brand it trusts.  The company also offers sugar-free options with some of its lattes.
C. Martin-Via, President of Urban Spirit, welcomes yoga instructors and fitness experts to the organization. The president would like fitness instructors to start scheduling classes in the organization’s loft and continue Columbus' commitment to be fit.

 For more info: visit Urban Spirit, King-Lincoln District, Bike the Cbus Bicycle Tour.


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