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Urban Safari: Hong Kong

If you heed our recent suggestion and decide to make the Chungking Mansions your Hong Kong home, your location will allow you to take in some of the city's most breathtaking scenery and urban landscapes without much hassle. Upon exiting the building, take a left onto Nathan Road until it dead ends into Salisbury Road. Take a right here and walk for about five minutes, at which point you'll enter the Star Ferry terminal.

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When you pass under the sign, there will be young men and women trying to sell you into sightseeing tours - don't bother with them. At just HK$2.50 per head, the Star Ferry itself - tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents use it every day to commute - provides breathtaking views of both the island and the Kowloon peninsula. This ferry can take you many places, but today you'll want to head to a place called "Central."

After arriving across the water at a pier whose location as, well, central as its name suggests, you'll want to enter Hong Kong's underground system and get to the blue-coded "Island Line." This line's western terminus is a station known as Sheung Wan - take note of this, because this is where you'll want to get off, specifically out of exit A2.

Though the rest of the walk we've planned for you sounds confusing written down, it will make perfect sense in person. To bridge this gap for those of you who are not actually in Hong Kong at the moment, we've included more detailed instructions in the slideshow attached to this article, which you can access by clicking below. Tomorrow we debate the pros and cons of flying into Shenzhen, mainland China's closest major city to Hong Kong.


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