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Urban / paranomal fantasy

Urban Fantasy
Urban Fantasy

Well, I know Holloween is well behind, but doesn't it feel like it's here with horror movies being realesed this month. You know tales of the undead visiting, vampires stocking humans, and witches recking havic don't just belong to one month. Through out the year you can find the undead, witches, and vampires taking up residents in our world in books and stories known as Urban or paranormal fantasy.
In the late 1980s, many fantasy authors began to write about various fantasy creatures like elves, demons, and other supernatural beings, and magic in contemporary times of normal big cities rather than in mythic places.
Today it's called traditional urban fantasy. In the late 1990s a different type of urban fantasy began to appear. These novels had their basis, not from traditional fairy tales but from horror and mystery genres. Other influences were tv shows such as `Buffy the Vampire Slayer' These urban fantasies were popularized by Laurell K Hamilton with her Anita Blake novels. Urban fantasy novels have a strong protagonist who has some form of supernatural power and is set in the city or in a small town. Another current writer is Neil Gaiman. So urban fantasy has been around for a while but the term is just ten years old.