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Urban Myth or truth: The dead girl under the bed chain letter to save your soul

Should you pass around this picture to save your soul?
Should you pass around this picture to save your soul?

One of the more popular urban myths is that of the "dead girl under the bed" chain letter. These sorts of things get passed around on social media sites all the time, and they start freaking people out, but you've got to wonder if they're real. Will you really lose your soul if you don't pass around the photo of a dead girl laying under the bed of a sleeping man?

Here is the way the urban myth about the dead girl under the bed picture:

The photo was taken at a hospital, and it shows a man laying in a bed while a dead woman is underneath it. The patient was in an accident that made him responsible for the young girl's death

If you do not forward/send this image to five people, the dead girl will come during the night to collect your soul.

Some different variations of the urban myth state different instances (Texas, Australia, England) in which people have died and it looked as if the dead girl had killed them.

Now, urban myth or truth?

This is a complete urban myth, and there are a number of reasons as to why that is the case.

First of all, the picture being passed around is DVD cover art for a 2003 horror movie called "The Unborn." It has also been called "The Mother" and "Bangkok Haunted 2: The Unborn." The person sleeping in the bed isn't a man, but actually actress Aranya Namwong.

While some stories of accidents and who is at fault may be true, the tale in this urban myth isn't. Whether people want to believe in ghosts or not is totally up to them, and they can choose to pass the letter/photo if they wish.

The truth is that nothing will happen to them if they don't pass it, and that picture certainly has no truth in connection to the story.

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