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Urban hiking: Hops and shops

Wild roses
Wild roses
James George

Today, we started hiking with one set of intentions, but we took a detour. Fortunately, I packed a couple of bottles of water on my otherwise empty backpack. We anticipated stopping at a grocery on the way home to pick up a few supplies. Since they day is cool, I decided to take home a chicken for roasting. That is getting ahead of the hike.

Arlington Outdoors Examiner
Maureen George

We began walking down the Custis Trail toward Bluemont Park. Next, we came back from Bluemont along the old trolley rail path. We cut over to stop at Safeway, but before that, we decided to visit “No Place Like Home.”

The slideshow illustrates the hike, hops, and shops.

There are few roses in the rose garden yet, but there are wild red ones along the Custis Trail.

There are many blooming blackberry bushes and the red raspberry bushes appear healthy. (Arlington County grass trimmers, keep your machines away from our raspberries.)

The bees are back, but not in strength. The hive at Ballston Pond collapsed, probably resulting from pesticides.

Peonies are blooming in the herb garden. Poppies are blooming in people’s gardens. We are seeing the last of the season’s irises.

We have our eyes on the Four Mile Run and other streams to be vigilant about water quality and potential hazards.

Today’s high point was discovering two businesses that share a Victorian era house ar 5140 Wilson Blvd. One is called “No Place Like Home” and the one upstairs is called “Covet”. Since both carry art objects, their report will appear under Arlington Art Examiner.

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