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On the ever of summer solstice, flowers are blooming
On the ever of summer solstice, flowers are blooming
James George

It is late spring with the summer solstice just around the corner on June 21st. Walking in the late morning, and approaching noontime, the only way to walk in shadows is directly under the full canopy of trees. It is actually possible to accomplish that on most trails with a few exceptions. While the temperature has warmed today, a breeze blows and the clouds are beginning to indicate that precipitation could be in the forecast. For now, just enjoy a perfect day for hiking.

Cherries are everywhere
James George

See the slideshow for some nice things to see.

1. Cherries are still on the trees and ripe. Enjoy tasting them as you walk as there are red cherries, wild sour cherries, and black cherries.

2. Wild morning glories and pea vines can be a pain in a garden, but in the wild they are delightful.

3. Bon Air Rose Garden is a high point.

4. Here is a pet peeve, why did Arlington County spend all of that money to put dividers on park benches to prevent homeless people from napping on them? That is mean and they should be removed.

5. There are lots of wildflowers and natural images along Arlington walkabouts.